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MOROCCO : stay in a guesthouse, wild camping, trekking, 4x4 tours (in the desert, by the sea, in the mountains)

Whatever your starting point in Morocco (Taroudant, Agadir, Marrakech or Ouarzazate), southern Morocco offers a diverseity of landscapes as well as unique architectural and cultural sites along the Atlantic coast, in the Atlas Mountains, the Drâa oases or the heart of the Sahara Desert. Allow us to organise your bespoke 4x4 tour in the south of Morocco !

Based in Taroudant (less than an hour from the airport of Agadir) and operating throughout the whole Morocco, the Hors Circuit organisation offers you a great experience with its unique range of holidays and 4x4 tours (ranging from half a day to several weeks), accessible to all and perfect for your next planned holiday in Morocco. Off the beaten track, often exclusive and away from the hordes, with services to European standards, fully taking account of your budget and preferences.

As part of our unique offer, our Beldi guesthouse in the mountains, “Les Terrasses de l’Atlas”, 45 minutes from Taroudant and 1 hour 30 minutes from the airport at Agadir, will welcome you with its breath-taking views of the verdant gardens of the Afensou oasis and the towering peaks of the High Atlas Mountains (the highest of which is 3,500 m/over 11,000 ft) for an authentic and exotic holiday at the Berber pace of life, whether your preference is for sporting or leisure activities. An ideal base for trekking in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

What’s more, for desert holidays, our campsite le Camp Bédouin, halfway between Tarfaya and Laâyoune, and situated in the coastal desert overhanging a saline trough, offers you complete immersion in in the natural desert environment and incomparable local cuisine. This also includes wild camping, trekking, and 4x4 tours in the Moroccan desert.

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Hors circuit, your creator of  Moroccan adventures: 4x4 tours of Morocco, trekking in Morocco, wild camping in the desert.

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On offer this month :

- Come and spend Christmas with us around the warmth of our hearth in the mountains of the Berber country, at our guesthouse Les Terrasses de l’Atlas, near Taroudant.

- Organise your own trek, tailor-made to your requirements using the expertise of Hors Circuit: in the desert or the mountains, or on the coast. Our ideas are without bounds !

Hors Circuit, creator of bespoke adventure holidays (Guesthouse holidays, bivouacking, trekking, 4x4 tours in Morocco).

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Les Terrasses de l’Atlas

Le Camp Bédouin

Tours 4x4 in Morocco

Moroccan 4x4 Tours

Moroccan desert tours, Morocco 4x4 tours, Tour southern Morocco, desert 4x4 Morocco: whatever you have typed into Google, Yahoo or Bing to search for your ideal provider and to contact us, you can rest assured we will give the organisation of your Morocco 4x4 tours our complete undivided attention. We always customise our holiday offers to your requirements without it influencing our pricing, to enable you to draw up a 4x4 tour that will perfectly suit your needs. We aim to give you an all-round quality of service and will take care of your holiday concerns in the same way as we would our own. We are with you all the way, with the aim of making your 4x4 tour of Morocco an unforgettable experience.

We don’t try to do mass tourism or make our facilities profitable by cramming the maximum number of clients into a single vehicle. Nor did we decide to set up our company on African soil to make a profit or provide competition for organisations like Marmara or Terres d’Aventures! However, we are committed to sharing our love of this country, its natural beauty, our experiences of 4x4 trekking in Morocco and our favourite places with you, as well as the pitfalls to avoid.

Whether you are a passionate lover of the mountains or the desert, oases or the beach, town or country, come and travel in the spirit of Hors Circuit, without frills and away from the rest of the world!

So, what are my first recommendations?
- Decide which specific geographical area you want to cover in Morocco.
- Don’t try to do too much within the time available. You would fly through without ever getting a foothold.
- Set out your expectations in all areas with us as precisely as possible.
- Go for an all-inclusive package, with a driver, for your own peace of mind and to enable you to enjoy a real holiday.
- Trust us. We will always act in your best interests and our main concern will be to give complete satisfaction.

That goes with our brand image!

Have a great 4x4 trip with us in Morocco...

Hors Circuit, creator of Moroccan adventures (4x4 Moroccan tours, Moroccan desert tours, 4x4 Saharan tours)

Holidays with an authentic flavour in Morocco

Hors Circuit by its very definition enjoys organising unique and unparalleled 4x4 excursions in Morocco, in the desert or the mountains or on the coast. However, Hors Circuit is also about staying in a completely natural environment, enabling you to get away from it all and immerse yourself in the real heart of Morocco.

Whether you are looking for a family holiday in Morocco, organising a trek through the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, bivouacking in the Sahara Desert, experiencing a family activity holiday in the south of the country, you will certainly like our holiday bases, excursions and hikes in the High Atlas Mountains and the coastal Sahara, for their sheer diversity, originality and unparalleled scenery.

Come and stay in our incomparable Berber guesthouse Les Terrasses de l’Atlas in the western High Atlas Mountains overlooking Taroudant. We are among the few hosts in Morocco to live according to the spirit of a home or guesthouse. My wife and I share our house with you and eat with you (if you want to!), offering the warmth (or at least we try!) of a Berber welcome, with the simplicity and conviviality characteristic of Hors Circuit, notwithstanding the comfort and quality of service in keeping with European expectations. Unlike the numerous Riads which flourish in Taroudant, our guesthouse is different: we live and experience your holiday with you!

In addition, don’t miss our Bedouin Camp in the desert of the coastal Sahara, equidistant from the dunes of Lerg Chebbi at Merzouga and those of l’Erg Chegaga at the top of the Drâa valley. This is a desert area that is (quite fortunately!) totally unknown and undeveloped, with few visitors. It’s still possible to have an Adventure with a capital A here, enjoy 4x4 Treks across the desert with a capital T, Bivouacking in the dunes with a capital B and looking up at the Constellations with a capital C. In fact, that’s why we decided to set up our business here! The kindness and dedication of our team, the originality of our catering, the diversity of our accommodation solutions, and the beauty of the natural site in which we live and work will certainly win you over!

Welcome to our world and welcome to the real Morocco! And enjoy your holiday with us!


We specialise in the following: tailor-made and bespoke 4x4 excursions in Morocco, wild camping in the Moroccan  desert and mountains, trekking in the Atlas Mountains and Sahara in Morocco, family and bespoke holidays with entertainment and activities for grown-ups and children.


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