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Holidays and Tours in Morocco
The loop of the palm groves of Tamgout
   1 week - € 650 / person (excluding flights)  

A very exotic 4x4 circuit in the South of Morocco, close to the desert. For up to mountain views and lavish green oases remote ...

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Circuit Taroudant – Igherm –Tissint - Tata - Taroudant 
Check out: Taroudant
confort (5n)
bivouac (2n)
Total Km: 700
Km track: 300
Rrelaxation: 3 half days
Period: From 3 to10
Age: 7 years
  • Steep slopes of the end of the world in the Anti-Atlas
  • Unforgettable views of canyons and mountain cirques
  • Walks, picnics and bivouacs in pre-Saharan oasis of lush
  • Showers and bathing wells, cisterns or cascades in exceptional places
  • Lounging pools of comfortable hotels
  • Foray into the life of a Berber family in the High Atlas
  • Immersion in the souks of the medina of Taroudant and horse-drawn carriage tour of the ramparts
  • € 650 / person (all taxes, except aircraft)
  • from Agadir and Taroudant
Many participants
  • max 8
  • min 2 (except in cases of "exclusivity")
  • Departures from Marrakech and Ouarzazate: + 50 €
  • rental of camping equipment complete: + 15 € / person for the circuit
  • Children 0-6 years: - 75%
  • Children 7-12 years: - 50%
  • Children 13-17 years: - 20%
  • "exclusivity": 1 pers: + 75%, 2 people: + 50% 3-4 people: + 25%
  • "animation": + 60 € / person
  • accommodation "luxury" in Taroudant (4 nights): € 100 +
  • the location of the 4x4 with driver-guide and gasoline
  • accommodation
  • the complete restoration
  • soft drinks
  • The carriage ride
  • transfers to the airport
  • the plane
Program * (example from Agadir)
  • Taroudant
  • airport reception and transfer to Agadir Taroudant
  • carriage ride around the ramparts of Taroudant at sunset
  • dinner and accommodation "comfort" (with pool) in Taroudant
  • Taroudant
  • activities to choose from Taroudant (alone or with): souks, tanneries, biking, walking, etc..
  • lunch: snack in Taroudant
  • free afternoon
  • dinner and accommodation "comfort" (with pool) in Taroudant
  • Anti-Atlas
  • Track 4x4 Taroudant - Igherm: vast landscapes of mountains, terraced fields, threshing stone villages altitude, steep slopes, etc..
  • picnic in a palm grove and camp in the hollow of a mountain cirque
  • Jbel Bani
  • Igherm road - Tissint
  • 4x4 lost track of palm showers or swimming
  • picnic and camping in the oasis
  • auntie
  • Following the trail of palm lost 4x4
  • lunch: snack Tata
  • free afternoon
  • dinner and accommodation "comfort" (with pool) to Tata
  • Anti-Atlas
  • Track 4x4 palm groves of Tamgout
  • Picnic at the neck
  • scenic drive to Taroudant
  • dinner and accommodation "comfort" (with pool) in Taroudant
  • high Atlas
  • free morning
  • 4x4 track for the Jbel Aoulime and picnic in the oases of the High Atlas
  • afternoon and night in a Berber family: preparation of tea, bread baking, prepare the tagine, traditional Turkish bath over a wood fire, etc..
  • accommodation "comfort" (with pool) in Taroudant
  • Agadir
  • Beaches of Agadir
  • lunch "comfort" by the sea
  • transfer to the airport

(*) Program provided as a reference, arranged according to your preferences and local constraints