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Our restoration

Dining when we deal with ourselves (at picnics or meals in bivouacs off), our goal is, besides the necessary hygiene to assure you a whole new culinary diversity.

All plans include the provision of soft drinks: at any time, you have at your disposal and sparkling waters, juices and soft drinks, tea and coffee.


Categories of proposed restoration

Given the isolation provided in our itineraries and ambient heat to the zenith, lunches occur most often in the form of picnics. We share a large assortment of ingredients and varied light, something for everyone. When conditions are right, the bread is baked on site.

When our journey takes us through a large village at noon, we immisçons among local diners for a simple tagine, a kebab, steak / frites or an omelet Berber on the go.

A large tent stewardship, a full set of kitchen, fridges and carried a strong supply of food and drink you provide good tasty meal in the evening. Our team is responsible for food preparation but you are invited to give a hand to the extent of your means and your desires! Comfort is rudimentary and feel "to the Moroccan" is primarily sought.

In southern Morocco, you can eat well, many cheap and in many smaller institutions that do not necessarily pay for mine. They serve by consistently against the same kitchen, which ends up tired after a few days. Cleanliness is fair and adequate sanitation is avoided if the raw food as a precaution. This category provided some very good surprises and includes excellent addresses do not miss to taste traditional specialties Maghreb.

This category includes a diverse and original map. The food is usually tasty, without claiming to be fine dining. The frame is usually remarkable. The service is usually modest.

The large kitchen leaders not only found in larger cities. As for the hotels "luxury", their cooking level is generally below that of their hotel services, as we often prefer to offer you some nice little places outside of these institutions. In practice, our tours therefore does not this type of restoration.