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Oases and valleys of the High Atlas
   1 / 2 day - 65 € / person  

A beautiful cove loop trails offering a wide range of views on the peaks of the Atlas mountain oases and villages altitude of Morocco.

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Circuit Taroudant–Affensou–Imoulas–Jbel Aoulime–Taroudant 
Check out: Taroudant
Total Km: 150
Km track: 50
Period: From 1 to12
Age: 7 years
  • Scenic trails of the High Atlas
  • Views of Jbel Aoulime
  • Lushness of the high valleys
  • Meeting with a Berber family
  • Discovery of the local way of life
  • Tranquility of the place
  • Swimming in the river
  • € 65 / person (TTC)
  • from Taroudan
Many participants
  • max 8
  • min 2
  • departures from Agadir: + 20 € / person
  • from 4 participants: - 10 € / person
  • Children 7-12 years: - 50%
  • Children 13-17 years: - 20%
  • formula for the day (from 9am to 18pm): + 10 € / person (with picnic Berber)
  • the location of the 4x4 with driver and fuel
  • soft drinks
  • Transfer to hotel
Program * (example from Taroudant)
  • Starts at 7am and return to starting or 13H 13H 19H and return to.
  • Travelling on the slopes of Jbel Aoulime dominant Taroudant from a height of 3300 meters!
  • Photo stops at will to immortalize these landscapes and oh so photogenic. Picturesque Berber villages, deep gorges, lush gardens of Eden, agadirs in ruins, refreshing streams, smiles and friendly greetings ...
  • Stop in a traditional Berber house to make contact with local people and their way of life simple and unchanging. The opportunity to take tea with friends in front of a breathtaking panorama.
  • A swim or a foot bath is offered in Assif, near a perennial spring. To consume without moderation!
  • Return by another route just as breathtaking. You will not regret one thing: not having stayed longer ...

(*) Program provided as a reference, arranged according to your preferences and local constraints