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Oases and villages in the Anti-Atlas
   1 day - 75 € / person  

After a stroll in the green oasis of Tioute, discover a village altitude of the Anti-Atlas along a track lost in the mountains. A route to better understand the contrasting Morocco.

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Circuit Taroudant – Tiout – Anti-Atlas – Taroudant 
Check out: Taroudant
Total Km: 150
Km track: 50
Period: From 1 to12
Age: 7 years
  • Meteoric rise in 4x4 in grooves
  • Fabulous views of the Anti-Atlas
  • Terraced fields
  • Threshing stone
  • Walk in the oasis of Tioute
  • Tea with the locals
  • refreshing shower
  • € 75 / person (TTC)
  • from Taroudant
Many participants
  • max 8
  • min 2
  • departures from Agadir: + 20 € / person
  • from 4 participants: - 10 € / person
  • formula for half day (from 7 am to 13H or 13H to 19H): - 10 € / person (no picnic)
  • Children 7-12 years: - 50%
  • Children 13-17 years: - 20%
  • the location of the 4x4 with driver and fuel
  • Berber picnic
  • soft drinks
  • Transfer to hotel
Program * (example from Taroudant)
  • Departure at 9am and back to 18h
  • Our 4x4 takes you through scenic trails impressive to a village high in the Anti-Atlas.
  • There you can stroll to discover the terrace cultivation, threshing floors of stone and the life of the Berbers in these remote areas.
  • A tea with the locals you can meet them and understand the difference in lifestyle between you and them!
  • Improvised shower will refresh you on the way to the most likely case where the sun crush the slopes of Jbel covered with argan and euphobes-urchins.
  • For lunch, a delicious picnic Berber is put together on site by our cook and enjoyed by nature deep in the mountains.
  • The day ends with the crossing on foot from the green oasis of Tioute and why not, a glass of friendship?

(*) Program provided as a reference, arranged according to your preferences and local constraints