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Stays in our guest house

10% discount for stays in "package with activities" to the Terraces of the Atlas from November 15 to February 15, two weeks off to wake up (Can not be combined)

Retirees stay in our guest house

Stay at our guest house offered (excluding aircraft) to the organizer of a group of minimum 6 retired except during school (or postponement of the advantage gained on the price of individual participation, choice). Offer not cumulative.


Participation of the third child (max 12) offered any circuit or stay out of school time. Offer not cumulative.

Out with the team scouting Circuit

A tariff travel adventures hyper interesting, especially for those traveling alone: ​​€ 45 per day full board (in camp, camping equipment provided). Join Team Off Tour in locating a new trek, a new runway smelling 4x4 adventure and the unexpected ...

You are mechanic?

On the occasion of your stay in our guest house, enjoy a 10% discount for yourself if you have a strong background in mechanical / electro-mechanical for advice, improvements and raids useful you can make to our fleet!

You are mountaineering or any other sport climbing?

Specialist climbing, get the free food and lodging for each day spent with us for the installation of secure access paths to the waterfalls in the mountains.

Fort in the kitchen?

If you know a lot in cooking, we will refund a dinner for each new dish that you will learn to our team. We are particularly seeking for dessert dishes and decorations. We also wish to create a Berber pizza. Cooks, we are waiting for you!

Work part-time on vacation!

At our guest house or circuit, spend half your time to give a real boost to the team and off and stay free (room and board, apart from external institutions). Whether it's cooking, to clean, to lead the customer to guide, to drive a 4x4, use your skills equivalent to half a day and enjoy the rest for you indulge in your business preferred. A win-win exchange!