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Wonders of Western Sahara
   10 days - 895 € / person (excluding flights)  

This is an original circuit in Morocco, totally off the beaten track, which allows different taste to the Sahara desert. It might already be believing in Mauritanie.Des dunes galore, sand in abundance, geological phenomena unpublished sections of ocean fun on the beach, encounters rare but rich. A dedicated circuit for thrill seekers and isolation.

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Itinéraire Agadir – Tan Tan – Akhfenir – Tarfaya – Laâyoune – Akhfenir – Tafnidilt –Agadir 
Check out: Taroudant
bivouac (6n)
confort (3n)
Total Km: 1600
Km track: 300
Relaxation: 3 half days
Period: From 1 to12
Age: 7 years
  • Crossing dune areas
  • Bivouacs in the sand at the foot of barchans (dunes isolated)
  • Bathing in sinks below the level of the sea and remote showers wells
  • Boat trip on the lagoon Akhfenir
  • Meetings with the semi-nomadic in their khaïma (traditional Bedouin tent)
  • 4x4 on the long Atlantic beaches littered with wrecks
  • Visit the forts abandoned goums
  • € 895 / person (all taxes, except aircraft)
  • from Agadir, Taroudant, Ouarzazate, Marrakechms
Many participants
  • max 8
  • min 3 (except in cases of "exclusivity")
  • Departures from Marrakech or Ouarzazate: + 50
  • single room: + € 75
  • Children 7-12 years: - 50% 13-17 years - 20%
  • "Exclusivity": 1 pers: + 75%, 2 people: + 50%
  • "Animation" as a challenge between participants: + 75 € / person
  • the location of the 4x4 with driver and fuel
  • the guide-interpreter
  • accommodation and full restoration
  • the tour by boat
  • entrances to sites
  • soft drinks
  • transfers to the airport
  • the plane
Program * (example from Agadir)
  • Agadir - Western Sahara
  • welcome at the airport or pick-your hotel
  • road to Tan Tan
  • picnic in an oasis
  • swimming on a beach on the Atlantic Ocean
  • track in the Western Sahara
  • establishment of the camp near a campfire and guelta
  • Oum El Hajar
  • track repeatedly in arid
  • walk in the middle of nowhere ...
  • bathing in sink
  • bivouac in the same place, barbecue and campfire
  • Akhfenir
  • visit the Devil's Hole
  • excursion boat on the lagoon and barbecue Naila poissondans coastal dunes
  • Comfortable hotel accommodation
  • Tarfaya
  • visit the salt mines
  • visit wrecks
  • track and off-track in the dunes
  • bivouac at the foot of barchan or near tents nomads
  • Oum Dba
  • 4x4 on the beach
  • meeting of collectors of algae
  • picnic at the seaside
  • simple accommodation / comfortable Bedouin Camp along the Oum Dba Sebkha
  • Tah
  • hiking in the Oum Dba Sebkha
  • track in the hamada
  • bivouac in Sebkha Tah
  • Khaou n'Amer
  • way back up Akhfenir
  • track in the Sebkha La'çal
  • discovery of guelta Khaou n'Amer
  • bivouac in guelta
  • La'çal
  • track and off-piste in the Sebkha La'çal
  • meets semi-nomadic Bedouin
  • bivouac in the dunes
  • Fort Noun
  • end of the track in Western Sahara
  • way back up Guelmim
  • track for the Fort Noun or Tafnidilt
  • Visit the fort
  • comfortable accommodation at Fort Bou Jerif or Ksar Tafnidilt
  • return
  • route back to Agadir the coast
  • stopped swimming and picnic on the beach between Sidi Ifni and Mirleft
  • transfer to your hotel or airport

(*) Program provided as a reference, arranged according to your preferences and local constraints