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Our Conditions

Our prices are fixed and include all taxes.

The prices listed on our site are valid only when booking directly with off. When booking through an intermediary, such as a travel agency, the prices listed on this site are increased according to the remuneration of the intermediary.


The reservation is at the farm for a down payment of 50%.

Payment of the balance
The balance of the invoice amount is payable on or before the first day of the tour, on site.

The cancellation "for convenience" by the client (for some reason other than force majeure) does not give rise to any refund of any kind and let the customer must pay the balance of the agreed price.

In cases of force majeure, the following conditions of cancellation apply.

If canceled more than three months before the start of the tour or holiday, 10% of the circuit remain the property of Outside Circuit under administrative costs and organization.
If canceled more than 2 months up to 3 months, 50% paid for in advance shall be paid to off.
If canceled within 2 months prior to the beginning of the service, 100% of the price are due to off.

It is possible to take out cancellation insurance when booking to off, allowing you to recover your deposit and you release a cancellation fee in case of emergency (job loss, illness, death of a close , missed flights, etc..), subject to production of proof of force majeure. The conditions of application of this insurance are available upon request. The cost of this insurance is 4% of tour price, payable in full upon booking. If use of this insurance, the deductible is € 50 per person.


We regret not being able at the moment, due to the low volume of our transactions, offer secure payment via the internet or credit card payment on site.

Forms of payment possible for the down payment

  • Worldwide: International Wire Transfer (swift-like) to the account of our company:

Off Sàrl
Credit Morocco, Taroudant Agency 168,
bank code: 021, city code: 041, Account No.: 0000168030082842, key: 49, Swift code: CDMAMAMC
(allow around € 10 transfer fee)

  • France: by bank transfer to account:

Luc Tromme, c / o Paule Tromme, Salphensebaan 22, B-2390 Oostmalle, Belgium
RIB No. 50 20041 01010 0477755B031
No. IBAN: FR47 2004 1010 1004 5B03 7775 150, BIC No.: PSSTFRPPNCY
La Banque Postale, financial center of Nancy

Possible methods of payment for the balance

ATTENTION! You should plan to pay you at your arrival from the full price of the circuit. Forecast your cash flow accordingly!

  • cash paid on site (upon arrival at the airport if you wish)
  • traveler's check issued on the spot

Other payment arrangements can be agreed upon prior agreement.

Currencies accepted

  • euro
  • Moroccan dirham
  • dollar


Excluding liability Circuit

Cancellation by off before the start of the service in case of force majeure

In case of force majeure (social events, strikes, weather serious accident or illness of the provider expected death in the family's close to the provider, etc..) Hors Circuit can automatically cancel a performance. In this case, the customer is informed at the earliest and full refund of monies paid, but not claim any compensation.

Unforeseen events, not wholly or partially controllable current service delivery in Morocco

The climate, the condition of pathways, the many festivals (including Ramadan and Eid), reservations from local providers, particularly uncertain in Morocco and in Africa in general, strongly influence the respect of the route, the program and set the agenda.

Our tours typically taking place outside of the box, this fact becomes even more important because of the remoteness of common infrastructure and quality emergency communication difficulties in the absence of telephone coverage.

In terms especially mechanics, although our vehicles are regularly reviewed and continuously maintained, the tracks used as crossing other vehicles subject to the test fleet, which can cause failure at any time and immobilization of uncertain duration .

Off is under no obligation to produce results in such cases of force majeure but will diligently to ensure the best interests of its customers. We do not in any way dédommageons our client in case of modification or delay, whatever the consequences for the client. Any additional costs (change of plane ticket, hotel night extra change of hotel, taxes, etc..) Arising from changes or delays of this nature are the responsibility of the customer.

Particularly regarding the accommodation booked our hostel Les Terrasses Berber of the Atlas, if physically unable to go there because of bad weather (in case of force majeure), Out Circuit does not support the relocation client to another facility. By cons, reserved for lodging, Hors Circuit will do its best to relocate the client in a Category and similar charges, depending on availability. Provided that the institution agrees to cancel the booked the reservation without charge, Out Circuit will support the new reservation, any price difference to both the upside and downside being passed on to the customer.

Changes in the benefit being paid to the client's initiative

When the customer wishes to change his initiative the layout of the program (with mandatory prior approval of the management of off), some choices can have financial consequences. In the absence of contrary agreement, the following shall apply.

Changing the number of days: Reducing the number of days is not eligible for reimbursement to the extent that any means of Outside Circuit were mobilized for the long-time customer. Found only subsequent agreements with external service providers whose services have been canceled can be used to recover certain amounts to the client without having to rule on the matter. The increase in the number of days must be made only after agreement from the Outside Circuit direction on the feasibility and the price and the cash settlement of the supplement before the start of the supplement.

Changing the mileage: Any reduction will not lead to any refund, the prices are not necessarily and solely based on mileage, but more the type of route, the mobilization of 4x4 and a comprehensive marketing approach to start. Any increase is billed at a cost of € 0.4 kilometer, provided that the supplement is significant.

Change of hotel: Changes by the client involves payment by the customer of the new hotel and all hotel facilities (half board, drinks, etc.).. Off does not have the same price agreements for two hotels with similar rates public on the one hand and also cancellation policy is very often very random and based on relationships Off Circuit has with these institutions. Off does not reimburse the cost of the hotel canceled the initiative of the client, but afterwards seeks the ability to recover without the development is detrimental to the overall business relationship with the institution Outside Circuit and off so lends be the sum recovered.

Changing a bivouac Off Circuit City: The customer must pay the full cost of accommodation and meals on the hotel, without the possibility to deduct the cost of the camp canceled. Indeed, Out Circuit has mobilized its equipment to the customer, must in any case review it and clean it, as well as fresh produce are likely already been pre-purchased meals for the client. Any eventual handover will happen after the end of the circuit, once the report obtained from the client, the employee off, its expenditure statement and possibly comments from the hotel. In particular, the difficult conditions of camp, as a sandstorm, rain, cold are cases of force majeure Off Circuit has no control and which our society does not have to assume financial consequences .

Assistance and health problems

Your local service providers (hotels, restaurants, rental companies quad, camel, donkey, service hiking, camping, games, etc..) Do not always contract of insurance that allows you to be adequately covered in case of incident , more generally, the coverage offered by insurance companies are ridiculous or even absent for some activities. Off is in no way responsible for any failure of these external service providers and it is the customer to take precautions to cover contractually and physically.

Participation in "house" that we offer some results from your initial decision by joining the program guide: you take part in these activities at your own risk without recourse against off. Spontaneously or with your request, we inform you as and when arrangements to reduce the risk of incident. It is your responsibility to make sure you have the fitness required to participate in our activities, if not to abstain.

Travel conditions in Morocco being what they are, it is strictly necessary that you purchase insurance and assistance necessary to ensure your support, your return and your care in an emergency. It is your responsibility also to check with your insurer that they are actually able to assist you in the area designated for your circuit. Without sending to Outside tour a copy of your service contract prior to your trip, the package could not be performed by off, for your own safety, without recourse of the customer against Off Circuit.

You are also required to notify us of any medical condition useful to know in the organization of your trip, as well as to bivouacs any back problems or otherwise requiring additional attention or comfort. The occurrence of health problems at the customer during the journey may lead Hors Circuit to refuse the service agreed to continue or change in the interest of all, not entitled to any compensation of any kind or partial refund to the customer, the continued delivery in fragile circumstances is conditional irrevocable automatic neglect by the customer of any subsequent prosecution of any nature whatsoever in the event of misconduct alleged off.

Damage or theft of personal belongings

We recommend that you take with Morocco that used personal effects and low value. In no event shall we be held responsible for damage or theft of your belongings.