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Our transport

Our all-terrain vehicles are Land Rover Defender vehicles crossing par excellence, particularly adapted to Moroccan reliefs.

the comfort

The look of the 4x4 adventurer, but also their actual technical skills and ability to load perfectly match the character of our adventure tours.

As we voluntarily limit the number of passengers on board, you will not travel "packed" as is too often the case with other agencies and can still enjoy comfortable views.


The 4x4 is equipped with a refrigerator to serve you cold drinks and fresh produce.

If circuit off the beaten track, the vehicles are equipped if necessary with a range of over 1500 km with reserves of 200 liters of diesel and equipped with water supply of over 100 liters. An emergency canteen always contains food for a week of living at least.

Our 4x4 are equipped with a GPS and a GSM or a satellite phone in some cases. Hardware troubleshooting should therefore offer a way out of all difficult situations, so depending on the route, we equip them to: winch, land anchor, hi-lift jack, full set of straps, traction bar, sand plates two spare wheels, etc.. Complete a first aid kit, survival blankets and sometimes flares off the equipment.

The interview

As part of our legal obligations, the vehicles are subject to a technical inspection every 6 months. For your convenience, they are fully inspected prior to each circuit by our excellent mechanic, and any failure is immediately processed. Vehicles shall systematically take all the necessary tools and a substantial stock of spare parts. For long routes, techniques and remote, our mechanic complete the supervising team and / or a second vehicle is attached.


Except for specific formulas that allow you to control them, the drivers are well experienced in the conduct of the various types of terrain of southern Morocco. The interest of our tours is not to fly over the regions traversed, our momentum will be particularly low and security would find even greater. Our drivers are trained to satisfy you the best and ensure compliance of our five commitments. In particular, they are not allowed to mediate or to offer any paid service. They will ensure against by that you are not bothered.