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Trek in the canyons of the Anti-Atlas
   7 days / 6 nights - 494 € / person (excluding flights)  

A trek certainly unforgettable crossed by spectacular sites and locations for wild camping selected. Total immersion in nature with a large N. Discover little known gorges and beautiful agadirs of the Anti-Atlas, away from the hordes. The Gorges du Dades Toghra and only have to go get dressed!

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Circuit Agadir ou Taroudant – Tiznit - Sidi Ifni - Col du Kerdous - Amtoudi - Aguerd - Tafraoute - Aït Baha – Agadir ou Taroudant 
Check out: Taroudant
bivouac (4 n)
simplicité (2 n)
Total Km: 700
Km track: 100
km walk: 50 to 100 (flexible)
Period: from 1 to 12
Age: 7 years
  • Scenic 4x4 trails in cornice or in deep gorges
  • Unforgettable views of the Anti-Atlas
  • Exhilarating rides in exceptional sites
  • Visit agadirs impressive and sometimes well preserved
  • Swimming in natural pools of guelta
  • Discovery of mountain oasis
  • Bivouacs memorable wilderness
  • € 494 / person (TTC)
  • from Agadir and Taroudant.
Many participants
  • max 15
  • min 4 (except in cases of "exclusivity")
  • Departures from Marrakech or Ouarzazate: + 50 € / person
  • single room: + € 30
  • "animation" for children and / or adults in the form of challenge between participants: + 45 € / person
  • "exclusivity": 1 pers: + 75%, 2 people: + 50%.
  • Children 7-12 years: - 50% 13-17 years - 20%
  • the location of the 4x4 with driver, fuel, insurance
  • accommodation as described
  • rental of camping equipment for the full nights camping
  • logistics and stewardship for the preparation of meals in circuit
  • the total diet, including regular soft drinks at will
  • visits paid for agadirs
  • permanent supervision by the team Hors Circuit
  • transfers to the hotel or the airport in the city of departure
  • taxes
  • tips
  • airline tickets
Program * (example from Agadir)

This trek is an easy level, with low gradients. Short steep climbs to punctuate agadirs hiking. The altitude varies between 900 and 1500 meters. The format of this trek is doubly unique, because it offers a combination of discovery 4x4 wilderness hiking on foot because of the ability to choose your walking time each day according to your desires. The 4x4 framing allows passengers less athletic and presence of children.

  • support to your hotel or airport
  • road to Tiznit Mirleft then by the coast, stopping at a beach on schedule
  • walk on the beach and visit Legzira natural arches along the ocean
  • Half board accommodation at the hostel Beach Club, on the beach and with sea view
  • dinner of fresh fish or other
  • scenic route to the Col du Kerdous in the Anti-Atlas and the end of the tar
  • track to the throat of Amharze, with the possibility of walking up to 20 km (the altitude increases from 1276 to 1412 m)
  • Picnic in nature
  • down to 5 km walk in the gorge to the foot of the agadir Amharze (from 1412 m to 1300 m approx)
  • walking tour of Agadir in ruins, beautifully strewn on a rocky gorge overlooking the
  • several possibilities of more or less wild bivouac adventurous, nearby, the choice
  • tajine of the head
  • Walking down the throat (from 1200 masl to 900 m) of 12 kms
  • opportunity to continue on foot to the pitch of 5 kms
  • stretch of road in 4x4 to the village of Amtoudi
  • establishment of a wilderness camp in the gardens of the oasis of Amtoudi in the hollow of a canyon beneath the palm trees
  • excursions to choose from: two agadirs in good condition are worth a visit after a rise of half an hour each (150 m elevation). Combine with the rise of the canyon to the basins of guelta (a good hour walk one way) in which to swim among the palm trees. Opportunity for hikers to return by the upper rim of the gorge.
  • barbecue and bonfire in the bivouac
  • Aït Herbil road (a good hour)
  • stretch of road then quickly track 4x4 in beautiful gorges that are narrowing, marked by mountain oasis and agadirs abandoned or destroyed
  • option on this section of hiking up to 22 km (max 300 m drop in amount)
  • picnic under the palm trees on the way
  • establishment of a wild camp on the edge of an oasis under the palm trees and throat just before Igmir
  • tajine of the head and campfire
  • continued hiking in the bed of the river at the back of the throat
  • past the village and the palm of Igmir, rising from the bottom of the spectacular canyon of the Assif n'Mouguene of 7 km (slope near zero) to the village of Aoukerda
  • relax, picnic and bathroom sinks in the summary of a mini oasis on the way
  • continuing climb in the gorge (+ 250 m elevation) to the place of bivouac overlooking the scenic canyon (5 km)
  • opportunity to explore the canyon upstream for those who always want more!
  • Berber dinner and campfire under the stars
  • further hike in the gorge and on the hillside to the road (of max 10 km, altitude difference of + 200 m max)
  • road and Izerbi Tafraoute
  • guided tour and lunch at Tafraoute
  • possibility of backpacking around Tafraoute among the rocks characteristic of the region
  • stretch of road until Oumesnat, a village perched on a mountainside, with traditional houses
  • DP accommodation at the House of Traditional Oumesnat in double room with bathroom
  • visit the Museum of Traditional House
  • scenic route on the north side of the Anti-Atlas in the direction of Aït Baha, with stops along the way visit or discovery and bucolic picnic
  • road to Agadir and transfer to your hotel or airport
  • Hiking time: time to walk each day is left to the participants, the presence of the 4x4 to adapt fully
  • Type of accommodation: on day 3, can sleep inn Amtoudi (It looks like the South). More comfortable accommodation can also be offered for the first and sixth days.
  • 4x4 variant discovery: the same circuit can be made ​​in full by 4x4 over a period of 4 to 6 days, at the option

(*) Program provided as a reference, arranged according to your preferences and local constraints